Is the noob on your team your favorite actor? Maybe your carry is actually your state politician.

You probably didn’t know that these famous people play League of Legends

Is the noob on your team your favorite actor? Maybe your carry is actually your state politician.
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That's not just any cosplayer, that's the voice of Janna herself!

League of Legends isn't just for regular people. There are actually some famous people who play it too. Read on and see if you recognize any of these celebrities, politicians, or authors' names. Maybe you fought them on the Rift, or maybe you're already a fan.


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Dante Basco

You may know him as Rufio from Hook, Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jake from American Dragon: Jake Long, and a number of other cartoon and live-action series.

It turns out he's an avid player, which we learned when he appeared on his friend's stream (which has since been deleted) and played with other League players.


Jim Butcher

You may know him as the mastermind behind fantasy book series Codex Alera. In both his Reddit AMA and in a "Q&A," Butcher has talked about how he plays the game frequently. 


Jared Polis

On the Rift he's a jungler, but you may know him as your local politician. Jared Polis is a Colorado Congressman who made a highly-favored pit stop in the official League of Legends forums to urge people to stop SOPA in 2012.


Jessie Rogers

An Internet celebrity and ex-porn actress who loves League and Call of Duty. While she no longer streams, she was dedicated to the game and perhaps still plays in her spare time.


Chris Kluwe

You may know him as the ex-football punter for the Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and Oakland Raiders.

Nowadays he nerds out in League and writes sci-fi books.


Gordon Hayward

Maybe you looked his stats up. He's currently an NBA player who plays for the Utah Jazz. When he's not on the court, he's on the Rift or playing Starcraft.

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Kim Heechul

Is a member of K-pop group Super Junior who participated in the special SKT "Celebrity Invitational" match that was streamed earlier this year. Described by the commentators as "Super Entertainer," Heechul loves singing and League.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Korean celebrities play League of Legends since it's so popular there. For example, Yuri Seo...


Yuri Seo

Yuri Seo is a Korean actress  and voice actress. She stars in the Korean incarnation of SNL and voices anime characters. Most notably, she's also the voice of a few of the Korean League champions. Not a bad gig for a game you love!


Special Mentions

Chandler Riggs: He's an actor famous for playing Carl on the on-going television series The Walking Dead. He's known to stream League occasionally from his Twitch channel. People made a big deal out of it, so maybe he's not that obscure.

Mia Rose: One of the most avid streamers of Twitch is Mia Rose, who is a part-time streamer and part-time exotic dance instructor.  Nowadays, she plays a lot more WoW and HoN than League, but she’s Twitch famous, so maybe you knew that. You can catch her stream here.

Vin Diesel: He's loud, he's funny, and he's starring in a lot of American action movies. In his Machinima interview, he talks about the benefits of gaming and mentions HoN. But considering that he's a long-time gamer, if he's played HoN, he's most likely played League. It's just the way it is.

Jang Dong-Hyun: Considering that it's incredibly difficult to find any English translations of what he actually does, this one is a stretch. The only clue that this Korean football player likes League is that he subscribed to their YouTube channel two years ago. It also appears he likes the NBA, Taylor Swift, and is trying to learn English.

With any game, it's impossible to know who's truly behind the screen. There's bound to be dozens of unnamed celebrities who play League, but if I missed any of the open ones, let me know!

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