Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide - Kitty Love

Directions on how to complete the Kitty Love quest.

Kitty Love is only available to parties with at least one member with the talent Pet Pal, and is started by talking to Sam the cat in the King Crab Inn. Sam tells you he is in love with the mayor's cat, Maxine, and asks you to talk to her for him.

As with my other Divinity: Original Sin quest or puzzle guides, spoiler markers (---) for those who just need a nudge in the right direction are in key segments of this article. If you feel you've gotten all the information you want or need to progress, do not read past the (---) marker.

Finding Maxine

Maxine is just where you would expect her to be: lazing about the mayor's home. She can be found in the main room, where Mayor Cecil is pacing. She is rather small, so keep an eye out.

Maxine will give you her answer and send you back to Sam.


Where is Sam's collar? *basically spoiler free answer*

In a cave found on the orc-infested beach just west of Cyseal.


Where is Sam's collar? *direct answer*

You must complete the quest Crabs Versus Skeletons before you can progress Kitty Love. This quest is found in Black Cove, which is located in a cave on the orc-infested beach just west of Cyseal. If you have yet to complete it and are having trouble, I have worked up a similar Crabs Versus Skeletons guide.

The Black Ominous Key you receive from finishing Crabs Versus Skeletons can be used on the Black Ominous Gate found in the area you stumbled upon the orc and pirate skeleton battle. From here you go down to engage in a level 6 battle to receive Sam's collar.


Quest completion

Once you've gotten the collar, go back to speak to Sam with the collar in the inventory of the character with Pet Pal. Follow him once you've given it to him to complete the quest.

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