The Best Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Mods (So Far)

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While several massive patches have hit Steam to fix a wide-ranging list of game-breaking bugs, dedicated fans are putting together their own mods for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

Unfortunately, the official updates have changed how the Gate of Fates nodes work, so anything resembling a major rebalance mod (or something that adds new skill types) is pretty well doomed to failure for a few months.

With that in mind, we're skipping all of the mods that are very obviously going to stop working with every patch. That being said, even the mods we've listed below can potentially break, get updated, and break again (repeatedly) as new patches arrive.

All of the mods listed here are functioning as of patch If any of these mods don't work for you, drop us a comment so we can look for an update, and then be sure to try them again in a few weeks!

Before we get started, don't forget most of these mods aren't going to function in online mode, either, and frankly, you wouldn't want to use them there anyway, since cheating might get you a strike from the almighty ban hammer.

Shut Up, You!

Download from Nexus Mods

As far as I'm concerned, this is the single most important mod you could possibly get for Wolcen, and it should be first on your download list. The vendors in Stormfall are straight-up asshats to someone who is undoubtedly their single best customer.

It doesn't matter how quick or efficient you are when buying enneracts or gems — the jerk vendors still berate you for wasting their time or, at the very least, toss out some seriously passive-aggressive backtalk. 

That's mildly funny the first time, and wildly obnoxious the 50th time. By the 500th time, I was considering just turning the game's volume completely off so I didn't have to hear it anymore.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear modder, for taking care of this for all of us and making the vendors shut the hell up already!

Use Any Skill With Any Weapon

Download from Nexus Mods

Wolcen's gameplay is so unique for myriad reasons. But one of its bright spots is also, paradoxically, one of its dimmest.

Yes, you can essentially switch from mage to fighter to ranger/rogue just by swapping your weapon and changing your corresponding skills, but those skills are all tied to specific weapon types.

That means multi-classing is much less viable here than in other games, especially since you can't use traditional mage skills while wielding a sword.

But what if you want to summon hordes of pets while also wielding a two-handed weapon? In the base game, you simply can't, but this mod removes all weapon-to-skill restrictions.

Now you can be a pistol-wielding mage, a teleporting berserker, or any other combo that strikes your fancy.


More Reasonable Slots For All Equipment

Download from Nexus Mods

Gem slots for loadouts are extremely limited. With so few options, it can be difficult to tailor different items towards your build.

"More Reasonable Slots" seeks to overcome that restriction by rebalancing how slots are arranged across every item type, creating an overall increase in the number of gems to use.

Not interested in balance and want to go totally hog wild with no restrictions at all? There's a much more ridiculous version of this mod titled — and no, I'm not making this up — "Slots For Each Item And Each Item Has Max Slots Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Slots."

That version is most definitely a cheat rather than any sort of rebalance, as it gives every single item the most possible slots. And yeah, its a lot of fun to play that way.

Cheap Gem Re-Rolls

Download from Nexus Mods

To go along with all those extra gem slots, you might want to grab this connected mod that significantly lowers the cost to re-roll sockets and remove gems from item sockets.

Considering the sheer number of possibilities with gems, a mod like this can save you a truckload of gold if you are going for a specific set of ability modifiers tailored towards your build.


Infinite Potions

Download from Nexus Mods

Yep, we're going the big-time cheating route here, but frankly, there's a good reason to do so. Wolcen utilizes a rather odd design where you don't actually need all those potions taking up spots in your inventory. You only need two in your hot-bar.

The ones in your inventory are just taking up space and don't help you at all. Instead, the potions you have equipped recharge as you kill monsters. With the Infinite Potions mod installed, it cuts out the middle man and makes item management much simpler.

Begone Skill Modifier Cost

Download from Nexus Mods

This is an even bigger cheat than infinite potions! With this mod, all skill modifiers are unlocked and don't require any modifier points, so you can use any or all of them on every skill at the same time.

Considering how broken many of the skills are right now, I don't even feel bad about using this sort of mod. Even if you only want to get a feel for how specific modifiers work and then go back to playing straight, this is a fantastic mod to see how your build will play at later levels.


Many Uniques

Download from Nexus Mods

For an ARPG, Wolcen can be a bit stingy with its loot drops. If you want to find better gear right away, "Many Uniques" is the way to go.

With the mod installed, any chest you find will automatically drop a variety of uniques, as well as extra gold. Additionally, named monsters drop better loot across the campaign, and the vendors in Stormfall will now stock legendary items! 

Enhanced Character Options

Download from Nexus Mods

When you are bogged down with unique and legendary gear at later levels, your hair and skin color frankly won't matter much. Can you even see anything under all those layers of magical steel?

That being said, the base options for choosing your character type are pretty limited in Wolcen, and this mod aims to rectify that oversight. After downloading and installing the mod, character creation features an extended UI with new eye, skin, and hair options to select.


Mini-Map Minimizer

Download from Nexus Mods

We'll finish off our look at the best current Wolcen mods with a small, but welcome, quality-of-life change to the UI. This simple mod reduces the size of the player indicator on the minimap so there's no longer a massive arrow getting in the way of seeing where you are going.

Those are the best Lords Of Mayhem mods we've found so far, but it's a good bet many more will arrive in the coming months! 

Some of what is available isn't quite ready for download yet either. The promising "Free Left Click" mod, for instance, sadly disables your normal auto-attack. Hopefully, a fully functioning version of that one comes along so you can assign any skill you want to the left click.

Check back again soon as we update this list with more killer Wolcen mods, and sound off in the comments below if you see any we need to try out.


Published Mar. 12th 2020

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