Roche Fusion: Taking Back Shoot 'm Ups From The Bullet Hell Niche Market!

Roche Fusion is there because shoot 'm ups have been going too much towards 'Bullet Hell' lovers, making the genre less sexy as it could be.

No more Bullet Hell!

How many of us did not love the old arcade, until it became all Bullet Hell? I loved Asteroids, Galaga, Space Invaders, 1942, 1943, Aleste, Thunderforce IV, R-type and many others? Also Games like Raiden were still doable on bullets, yet more than hard enough.

Many of us must have noticed how the shoot 'em up genre has been slowing down in growth, even though so many others genres just kept on growing. Until Geometry Wars came on the scene, where enemies did not even fire one bullet.

This is why we are making Roche Fusion.

Throwing in all the things we liked of the old classics, adding modern gameplay mechanics and a sauce of eye candy from movies like Tron and games like Geometry Wars.

So like the old shmups you can expect:


  • 2 player modus
  • large (sub)bosses
  • Loads of graphical effects(eye candy)
  • Large weapons
  • Many upgrades
  • High scores (offline/online)

But like new games we have:


  • Regenerative shield(no more bullet hell)
  • Procedural Gameplay: You never know what type of weapons you can get and what enemies will come. So every run should feel fresh.
  • Loads of secrets (bragging rights for the excellent players when discovering them)
  • Loads of easter eggs
  • Giving a large room for people to develop their own way of playing.

A short impression of version 0.5:

So a lot of things very familiar, but all in high-resolution (while even now running on a 6-year-old system) and a different angle on playing thanks to ideas from other genres.

Get the free 0.5 beta now for Windows and OSX on


Being part of the Indie Industrie and working on 12 different titles I have an interesting inside view of the industry and love to share what I myself am working on and others in my Network. So expect many news and insights from my own and other peoples games and the studios we work for (but no reviews/previews ofcourse).

Published Apr. 30th 2014

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