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Meet Andru…The most playful charger in the world.

Andru (www.powerbygen.com) is the ultimate in USB charging devices. Just plug in Andru’s cord to your USB device and then plug Andru into the wall and the charging begins. It’s that simple.

What more, Andru knows when your device has reached its charging capacity. His eyes light up blue during the charging phase and then switch to white when he’s in stand-by. Not only does this indicate to you that your device is fully charged but it also saves on energy as Andru literally stops the energy flow to your device in stand-by mode. He’s responsible that way.

Andru is cute too. With his green body, moveable arms, flexible antennae, a soft matte finish, his own stand, cable, and measures 2.5 inches tall. Andru is the perfect desk or travel companion. 


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