The Lounge

Welcome to The Lounge!
The Lounge is our VIP-only (Very Important Poster) portion of the site.

Shh, it's a secret

What is the Lounge?

It's a place to learn more about elevating your craft, where we give helpful advice for serious writers and content creators looking to build their voice on the web (and beyond).

In the Lounge, we also share:

  • insider tips about upcoming changes to GameSkinny
  • insider views of the game industry at large
  • leads for new stories
  • review/press copies of games that we're given
  • and other helpful writing/content prompts
How can I get access to the Lounge?

The Lounge is currently invite-only. The best way to get an invite is to create unique and high-quality content, share it on GameSkinny, and participate in the community on GameSkinny.

To be considered, your content should:

  • be relevant to games and the gaming industry (whether that's video games or tabletop)
  • represent your unique voice
  • and respect others in the community

In other words, create good stuff, show that you care about your craft, and you're a shoe-in.

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