[OPEN] URP! – New iOS Puzzle Platformer

This one goes out to all you platformers out there. *dramatic music* I hope you like it.

This one goes out to all you platformers out there. *dramatic music* I hope you like it.

I’ve recieved a code for this new platformer, let me know if you would like to give it a shot!


URP!™ is a gorgeous new platform puzzle game for iPad & iPhone now available in the Apple App Store for $1.99.

Urp™ must travel across the stars to save dozens of unstable planets! Each planet is a 360 degrees LEVEL!

Journey from galaxy to galaxy saving planets, searching for eggs, and collecting coins with spectacular surprises at every turn! Each planet is a 360 degrees LEVEL with new mechanics added along the way! Every new galaxy of levels offers a unique environment to explore.

Collecting eggs and coins earn you badges and currency to spend in the Urp™ Store, where you can customize your Urp™ character – color, pattern, eyewear, hats… the sky’s the limit! – and find out what each accessory adds to the game! The majority of the accessories boost your character’s powers, creating game-changing possibilities! Play on to unlock more galaxies and bonus levels along with pieces to the Urp™ story, told through wonderfully scored comicbook-style animations!

Created by the twisted 6-person team at Crazy Tooth Studio in Reno, Nevada, USA, Urp™ was built as a perfect blend of the contemporary puzzle game and retro-platformer genres bringing together casual gamers and fans of old-school-difficulty. Urp!™’s 360˚ level experience, beautiful graphics, and incredible music and sound are sure to entertain any type of gamer!

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