[CLAIMED] Review of Planetary Shield for XBox

Review request for Planetary Shield on XBox.

Review request for Planetary Shield on XBox.

We have a review code for anyone who wants to review Planetary Shield, a new XBox game!

How to play “Planetary Shield”:
Move the left stick to control the satellites and the button to launch the energy ball.
Use the R and L buttons (triggers or buttons) to launch the missiles when you have available. (to catch a round item). Once launched the missile (you can throw more than one at a time) must destroy the energy ball.
Occasionally out a rescue ship, not to give besides meteorites and can defend using the right stick control (up and down) as the portal lasers appear. You must go through the green laser.
Every so often salvage a ship will leave the earth and its mission is to dodge the meteors passing through the green portal. To do this you will use the R Stick to move up and down the ship. Every time a ship passes through the portal rescue will spend phase green and increase the difficulty.
Comment below if you’d like to review! I’ve got one code.

The Catch

Review perks are a privilege. We will hook you up whenever we can, but that means respecting that trust by actually creating a high quality, honest review article (and video review footage is always a bonus too). Take the goods and run, and we shan’t be sending swag again.


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