Editorial Guidelines for Reviews and other Strategic Content

In response to a request - I have broken the cycle of making all my lounge image headers green. Enjoy! No, that's not what this post is about. You should actually read it.

In the Lounge, you’ll sometimes see us say:

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“Hey guys, we could really use some content on X.”

  • Sometimes that will mean we have an opportunity to leverage an affiliate partnership.
  • Sometimes that will mean a PR lead got sent over.
  • Sometimes that means there is free product to review.
  • Sometimes there are free games to review.

Good times!

Don’t let the content source bias you

I know some of you professional journalists already know, but I want to reinfornce it for anyone who is newer to the ranks, is new to this online writing thing, or just needs a heads up on how we feel about it here at GameSkinny.

As Editor ’round these parts, I want to make it really clear:

  • On gadget reviews where you get a free demo product to test
  • When we request content for affiliates tie ins
  • When you get a free game to review
  • Pretty much anytime you create anything here… (or elsewhere really)

PLEASE don’t make the content you create – be it video, article, or macaroni picture – anything but accurate and reflective of your experience with the product.

Just because you review something, doesn’t mean you have to like it. We want you to be awesome, unbiased and honest. 

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