Interview Opportunity: Lynx2Games & the State of Used Games

Let's talk used games marketplace.
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Lynx2Games is growing a community for buying/renting games directly from other gamers. We met one of their community managers at PAX and have stayed in touch.  We have the opportunity to pick their brains about the state of used games (a hot topic with the next gen consoles on the horizon).

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I’d like to see coverage that:

  • Discusses the current state of the used games market, and how next gen might impact it.
  • Discusses the business model they have created, how it’s like and unlike others that exist today.
  • Asks some key & insightful questions of the Lynx2Games CM

Interested in tackling this coverage?

Let me know by commenting! I’d like to see this article out the door, or at least started on, this week.  

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