Five Horror Games With Massive, Gaping Plot Holes

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To fully enjoy the story, one must fully understand it. A story arc is needed, this can be done by slowly building to the climax, then hitting it and making a turning point, and eventually the resolution arrives and closes everything out. And how can anyone forget the details (after all, the Devil is in the details)?

Horror games are known for having suspenseful stories, dragging their players into the realm of darkness, depression, and potentially survival. Needless to say, not all horror games have "well-written" plots (or any game for that matter). As a result, they can leave players scratching their heads, questioning what just happened, and trying to place pieces of the puzzle together.

The following slideshow lists five horror games that have weird plot holes, be it in the general plot itself, or the little, yet crucial details. These have been selected for obvious reasons like: Why doesn't the character go through this, or do this instead? The games don't incorporate such details, and might be overlooked. However, they are there and when noticed, don't make a whole lot of sense!

Published Dec. 6th 2016

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