The second one was better! 10 video game sequels better than the originals

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Street Fighter II

When the original Street Fighter was released in 1987, no one could have anticipated what the sequel would do to the gaming world. With the release of Street Fighter II four years later, Capcom cemented the series’ legacy and ushered in an era of popularity for the fighting genre.

Street Fighter II improved upon the original in every way: better graphics and sound, a larger, more varied cast, depth of combat and mechanics, stages. Everything was better. The game was immensely popular and led to many kids losing their lunch money for a chance to play one more time. Capcom is not foolish, and has ported the game to over fifteen systems and consoles. The game has also seen an HD re-release and inclusion in several compilations. If you haven’t played this game by now, please share your secrets with me!

Published May. 19th 2015

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