The second one was better! 10 video game sequels better than the originals

Heroes of Might and Magic 2

While Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is considered the crowning achievement of the series, you can’t overlook the second entry in the series. The first Heroes of Might and Magic was met with a fairly middling upon response back in 1995. The sequel is what the thrust the series into the limelight and into gamer’s memories and long, long nights of “Just one more turn” syndrome.

By refining the gameplay, fleshing out the story, and creating the video game equivalent of cocaine, New World Computing ensured players would not be forgetting about this series anytime soon. You can purchase these classics for only $10 apiece; so you get the addictive nature of narcotics without the terrible effects on your health for a bargain! 

Published May. 19th 2015

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