5 Best Unique Solitaire Apps on Android

Tired of the playing the same old version of Solitaire? Look no more! These 5 versions of Solitaire will have you saying "can't stop won't stop playing!"

Google Play is saturated with games that are poorly made, as well as games that have high ratings -- so there's definitely a wide variety of unique and interesting games to choose from. But today, we're going to look at Solitaire, a game that pre-dates the digital age. How you play the game with real cards, I don't know. I just know that it can be done -- and no matter how much time passes, the game itself is ageless, with countless gamers around the world playing it again and again.

That being said, the digital age has made provided gamers the ease of playing all of the game's variations at any one time. And although Google Play is saturated with Solitaire games that just aren't worth playing, there are several unique Android Solitaire gems.

Let's explore them from lowest rating to highest rating!


According to Google PlaySolitairica has a rating of 4.2. It's the lowest rating on this list, but it might be the Solitaire variation that's most unique. Google play describes it as follows:

Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place -- the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of Stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet who will teach you the power of solitaire and the four great energies -- attack, defense, agility and willpower -- to battle your enemies... you could finally be the one to save the realm.

Now, I don't know about you, but an RPG based game of Solitaire sounds pretty frickin' awesome to me. But the idea of paying for in-game currency in order to unlock decks, which is most likely why this version of Solitaire doesn't have a higher rating.

Heartwild Solitaire

Heartwilde Solitaire is stands barely above Solitairica with a Google Play rating of 4.3, but what sets it apart? 

First off, the game is 100% free. Second, Heartwild Solitaire has a story mode! During the game, you follow the story of a girl named Anne who is on a quest to figure out who she is. A real coming of age story, if you will. The game uses a Tarot spread so that you can see Anne's fate as it changes. But beware! You need to follow the hand-painted cards in order to complete the game.

In this game you will:

Play solitaire, match pairs, and clear the table; Uncover four themes with 96 unique layouts; Follow the story of love, lost, and found; Reveal the truth hidden in tarot cards; and Relax and take it slow or... go for the best score!

There's even beautiful new art, a bonus theme, and two extra adventures with 32 new levels.

If nothing else, you should be intrigued by a story mode version of Solitaire. What other place and time in history would you be able to find that? The answer is, obviously, nowhere but in the digital age (and maybe in the future when holograms are finally available).

Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place

Third on our list is Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place. I suspect that this game only has a 4.4 rating on Google Play because of the stress relief that it provides. The amazing artwork in the background, plus its soothing music, makes it both fun and relaxing.

Unlike Solitairica and Heartwild Solitaire, there is no story mode or creatures to battle. However, there is more to it than the traditional Solitaire game in that there are 70 levels of increasing difficulty and there are a variety of card styles.

Some of the reviews complain about a few glitches, which is why it's not number one on our list, but for the most part, people seem happy with it.

So, when you're feeling overwhelmed, give Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place a chance. It just might soothe you.

Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest

When I first came across Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest I did not expect it to be what it was. And I'm glad because with a 4.6 rating on Google Play I would have hated for my time to be wasted.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the game is to:

...rescue the animals from the frozen cards and shuffle the sun back.

It's fun because you can also connect with friends on your Facebook page, investigate the world around you, and master the pyramid tripeaks gameplay.

It seems like the main complaint for this game is the amount of ads in it -- which makes sense -- but, if you can ignore them, it becomes very addicting. So, when you have a few spare minutes (or hours), give Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest a chance.

After all, how can you say no to cute little animals?

Spider Solitaire

Now, I don't know about you... but, I could never win a traditional Solitaire game. Never. Instead, my forte lay in Freecell and Spider Solitaire (PC version, of course). So, imagine how excited I was to find Spider Solitaire for Android, and with a Google Play rating of 4.7 no less!

As I was searching for these games, I wondered why this particular version was rated higher than others. And, it hit me: there are some interesting features for this game, including:

3 Spider variations -- 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit (traditional); custom backdrops & cards from your photos; subtle sound effects; a variety of card animation effects, unlimited undo, and detailed dynamic hints so you can overcome obstacles.

It also helps that there are beautiful 3D women in the background (though that could be the jealousy talking).

The game is also super simple to play since the directions are so detailed. In any event, if you want a Solitaire game that is challenging, but not impossible, I suggest this one.

Bonus! Spider: Solitaire Card Game

As per my usual self, I could not help but find a bonus game. In this case, a perfect 5.0 score (on Google Play) for Spider: Solitaire Card Game.

Now, I will admit that the only thing that makes this version unique is that it's the Spider version of classic Solitaire and it has the rating of 5.0. Beyond that, there's nothing special about it.

But isn't that the beauty of it? Solitaire doesn't have to be unique in order to be fun. Sometimes the classic version really is the best version. 

Which Solitaire games are your favorites? Pop in the comments below and let us know which ones you'll be playing! 

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Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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