Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Releases in October

The second part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass is out soon, with loads of new 'mon and a star-studded tournament.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra expansion finally has a release date and a shiny new trailer. The second part of the Sword and Shield expansion pass releases October 22, bringing every Legendary Pokemon in the series to Galar.

Crown Tundra tasks players with exploring the region's overworld and delving into mysterious Pokemon Dens. Unlike in the main game, these investigations involve navigating inside the Dens.

In the Dynamax Adventure mode, players head inside Dens and encounter numerous Dynamax Pokemon in a bid to reach the end where a Legendary Pokemon awaits. Like other Dynamax battles, these involve three other people, but everyone uses rental Pokemon.

After winning the battle, one trainer can swap a rental Pokemon for the one they just caught. Losing kicks the whole team out of the Den.

In true Pokemon fashion, the Legendary Pokemon encountered in these Dens varies depending on the version of the game, though The Pokemon Company hasn't announced which Legendary Pokemon are exclusive to Sword and Shield.

There's more to Crown Tundra than crawling around in Dens, though. Back on the Galar mainland, trainers can take part in the Galarian Star Tournament. It's a multi-part competition where players choose a battle partner from among the Leaders and Elite Four members encountered in the main game and face off against Galar's finest.

Last is the Ability Patch. It's a rare item that, when used, brings out a Pokemon's Hidden Ability (assuming they have one). Combined with Max Soup from the Isle of Armor, the Ability Patch can bring out a Pokemon's true potential, including the three starter Pokemon.

Speaking of the Isle of Armor, those with a special Slowpoke from the Isle can evolve it into Galarian Slowking in the Crown Tundra. It's a Poison/Psychic like Galarian Slowking, with a new move called Eerie Spell — damages and reduces the foe's PP — and a new ability named Curious Medicine that resets allies' stat changes.

Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra releases October 22 in the U.S. Bundle versions of the games with their respective expansion passes will launch on November 6.

[Source: The Pokemon Company]


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Published Sep. 29th 2020

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