Smite: Sorry Not Interested

I took a journey through Smite and I am not excited for this game.

I was asked to give Smite a go recently, and the experience was bad. It's not so much that the game itself was bad, it's more just too far from the traditional MOBA feel for me.

The Good:

Clearly with a six rating there has to be some good in it, so I'll start there. The first thing that I thought was interesting, was the Titan concept. Instead of just putting extra turrets in front of a defenseless objective, the Titan is both the defense and the objective.

The non-standard conquest map shape was really unique as well. Instead of the square-shaped map that most MOBA players are used to, this map makes it necessary to check all your corners before rushing in.

A Phoenix guarding the inner base blocking access to the Titan.

Hi-Rez Studios really went for a unique feel for Smite. This is great for those that like games that feel similar to it, like third person shooters. On top of everything else, the massive selection of champions for a pre-launch game really give Smite the potential to grow into a popular rival to League of Legends and DOTA 2.

The Bad:

Most of the bad side is personal preference, it really depends on how you play games. The score represents my opinions on the game based on my personal preferences.

I touched on the feel of the game above, it feels more like a third-person shooter than a MOBA. While that's good for enticing people who play Call of Duty or games like that, it doesn't cater to traditional MOBA players as much.

Even though this is a third-person shooter type experience you can't aim up, this is a particularly important thing to consider when laning with Sobek. Sobek can throw enemies behind him, but you can't shoot them mid throw because you can't aim at them. Continuing with the aim for a second, the reticle is off a bit. When the enemy is right in front of you, the reticle just doesn't seem to move into position right.

The worst thing is the keyboard movement controls. To move you have to use W,A,S,D which means keyboard turning, This really slows down your retreats if you're getting pushed back, while not hindering the chase. My first attempt at trying Smite last year literally stopped at learning it was a W,A,S,D system.

Final Thoughts:

I gave Smite points for innovation, but this is not a game I could ever consider playing. For those of you considering it, forget what you know about MOBAs. Go in with an empty cup and it's easier to grasp the controls. Even after everything, I'd recommend taking time to play the game for yourself. It could be the game for you, if not you're not out any money as it's free-to-play.

Our Rating
I took a journey through Smite and I am not excited for this game.

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Published Feb. 26th 2014
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    My experience was very similar to yours, I respect what the game is doing and I can see all the appeal and reasons why it's becoming popular but it's just not for me.
  • asjfg09aphp
    I play a lot of LoL and have since 2010. Personally, I like Smite. I'm only level 6 but so far the community is very nice.

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