Sounds of the Gamer: 10 Popular Games for Cell Phone Sounds

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by Ainyan

Video games aren’t just visual - they’re aural, too. Most video games are laden with sounds, from NPC chatter to background music to all the bells, beeps, and whistles that come with performing a task, shooting a gun, or simply interacting with your character. Many of these iconic sounds are so beloved that we carry them with us everywhere we go, in the form of cell phone ringtones and notifications.

Published Jun. 13th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    I would have added Pokemon Colosseum just because the P*DA sounds are catchy. Then again, these are popular sounds so I guess I'm alone on this. :(
  • Ainyan
    You're hardly alone! There's a reason I listed games rather than individual sounds - there are SO many that are SO popular! Pokémon is in that list, and Colosseum is very much a part of that franchise - and you're right, it's an excellent source of notification sounds!

    Thanks for pointing it out specifically. :)

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