WoW Legion's Rhonda isn't Rousey...say hello to Blizzard's Rhonda Cox

Rhonda, Master of San Soo, isn't Ronda Rousey - but Rhonda Cox says she's flattered.

On Monday, we reported that World of Warcraft: Legion has an NPC dedicated to popular UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Well, as so often happens on the Internet, we were wrong. Rhonda the San Soo Master is really Rhonda Cox, Associate Producer at Blizzard Entertainment on the World of Warcraft sound design, music & voice over team. 

Cox isn't at all bothered by the comparison, though - in fact, she finds the confusion flattering.

The widespread mix-up was certainly understandable - it's a long-standing practice at Blizzard to celebrate pop culture icons with easter eggs hidden throughout the game, and Rousey wouldn't have been the first celebrity to achieve the honor. 

The real inspiration for the monk NPC in Legion, however, is Cox's ardent enthusiasm for the martial art kung fu san soo.

Better luck next time, Rousey.

What are your thoughts on the mix-up? Do you want Rousey to have an NPC too, or are you rooting for a different pop culture icon? Let us know in the comments.


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Published Dec. 16th 2015

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