World of Warcraft: Legion release window officially announced

The release window for the extremely popular MMO's latest expansion has officially been announced.

World of Warcraft: Legion, the next expansion for the incredibly popular MMORPG, will releasing in the summer of 2016. The release window was announced during the introductory ceremonies of BlizzCon 2015.

The announcement came alongside the game's opening cinematic featuring Varian Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner that will play when players start up the expansion when it eventually goes live. 

The expansion is also now available for pre-purchase which comes alongside a handful of in-game bonuses. Players will get an instant Level 100 character boost, so if you're looking to jump into the endgame content on a new character, you can look forward to this reward. Blizzard also promises early access to the game's new Demon Hunter hero class with the pre-purchase. Also, a digital deluxe version of Legion will be available for $69.99 which will include an in-game Illidari Felstalker mount, a vanity pet, and new content for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2

The beta for World of Warcraft: Legion is slated to start up this year, after the expansion was initially announced in August at Gamescom. If you're interested, you can sign up for the beta now on the site and look forward to leveling up to 110 and exploring the all-new Broken Isles continent soon.



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Published Nov. 6th 2015

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