How to Raise Troop Morale in King's Bounty 2

Here's how to raise troop morale in King's Bounty 2's challenging battle system.

King's Bounty 2 features an incredibly challenging battle system, and you'll need to manage units and magic effectively to succeed. One of the more important systems, and least explained, is troop morale. 

Troops with high morale gain a chance to take an extra turn, while troops with low morale gain a higher chance to skip their turn entirely. This can drastically affect the flow of battle, so here's everything you need to know about raising troop morale. 

Troop morale in King's Bounty 2 is noted by an emoji-type face next to each troop's picture.

  • A green smiling face is good morale
  • A grey face is normal morale
  • A frowning red face is bad morale

The easiest way to ensure good troop morale is to have your entire army be the same unit type, noted by the icon at the bottom left of the portrait. Units fall into the four categories of the Talent tree: Order, Anarchy, Finesse, and Power.

For example, having an entire army of undead soldiers that fall into the Anarchy category will mean your entire army has good morale. 

Managing Your Units In King's Bounty 2

Luckily, if you want to mix and match units, there's a way to balance morale. The Order section of the Talent tree has four different selections that are:

  1. Order Balance
  2. Anarchy Balance
  3. Finesse Balance
  4. Power Balance

Each tier you purchase for these Talents makes the penalty for mixing that specific type with others less. So if you want to have an army made up of Order and Anarchy soldiers, you may want to invest at least a couple of points in the corresponding Balance talents. 

Outside of this, there's one other way to increase morale, and that's by using a spell called Resolve, which only comes on scrolls and can't be learned. These scrolls can be found lying around the open world or purchased from some magic vendors. They are limited, however, so if you have a Resolve scroll, you'll likely want to keep it for a particularly challenging battle.

There are certain items as well, like the Medal you get early on, that can provide slight bonuses to morale, like +1 Power.

The boost from items is minor, at best, so your best bet to keep morale high in King's Bounty 2 lies in effectively managing your army. 


Published Aug. 24th 2021

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