DSA: Profile of Community Manager Stephen Reid

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Stephen Reid, aka Rockjaw, is the Community Director for Gazillion Games and works predominately on Marvel MMOs. He is also up for the Dragon Slayer Award for Community Manager. 

Reid previously worked on the Community Management team for Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

As a Community Manager for Marvel Heroes he's gained a lot of praise, for being "honest, upfront and frank." One forum poster commented that his previous work with Bioware and EA was lacking due to secretive and rare communication. But that now his work with Gazillion; 

He has consistently been in touch with the community, listening to our concerns and feedback, and has been incredibly informative. The whole team in fact. Makes me realize that it was not his fault for what was going on in SWTOR. Which I probably should have seen in the first place, shame on me.

Reid has an active and involved Twitter following. He is also British, though living in the United States. 

It's no surprise with this sort of connectivity that Reid has been nominated for a Dragon Slayer award. 

Former Staff Editor

Former rugby player, social media person, and occasional writer.

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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