Subnautica releases farming update and more

Subnautica gets farming update plus abandoned bases and more gear.

Previously Unknown Worlds made Subnautica look super realistic in their H2.0 update, know they have added more to the early access game on Steam. 

The latest update is called the Farming Update and players can now create underwater farms. The update makes "grow boxes" available that can be housed in or out of water. In the grow boxes players can use any of the twenty-five plus seed types. The possible seeds include flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and killer plants

There are many ways to decorate with this new farming update such as living walls and potted plants. 

Players can now create aquariums that can house captured creatures and plants. 

While this update has a lot centered around the new alien fauna players can set their green thumb on, there were other things updated as well.

LED lightsticks are now available and are a great way to stick on the seabed to light up wide areas as well as be held while exploring. Floodlights and Spotlights are also available for placement around your base. Spotlights will automatically track nearby predators.

Abandoned bases have been added to the game. These abandoned bases from unknown past explorers can be sources for new technology.


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Published Feb. 25th 2016

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