Dying Light 2 History Quiz Side Quest Answers

Here's how to answer all three lore questions in Dying Light 2's History Quiz side quest.

The History Quiz sidequest asks you to answer three questions regarding the historical events key to Dying Light 2 and the larger DL universe. Two of these are about the events of the game as they pertain to Villedor, while one pertains to the original Dying Light. If you're wondering what the answers are, we've got you covered.

You'll find the History Quiz sidequest in northeastern Garrison, roughly 135 meters south of the Fish Eye. It shouldn't be confused with the History Lesson side quest located in southwestern Trinity, which is completely different. 

When you arrive at the location, a Survivor Rooftop School in my game, you'll meet a fellow named Jax. Just like Albert and Thalia on the PK Floating Fortress in The Wharf, he's compelled to preserve history, but instead of books, he's interested in safeguarding world and local history. 

He'll ask you three questions, all of which you must answer correctly to get the Catacombs Memento collectible and 400 Old-World Money. 

The answers to Jax's questions are as follows: 

  • Question 1: What event went down in history as "Black Monday"?
    • Answer 1: The chemical bombings of 2025.
  • Question 2: I mentioned the March Massacre before. Any clue what happened on this day?
    • Answer 2: The army killed 64 civilians protesting against disarming them.
  • Question 3: Before mutation, THV was simply known as the Harran Virus. Harran is where it all started. But do you remember when the Harran Events happened? 
    • Answer 3: Spring 2014.

Those are the answers to all three questions asked by Jax (the historian) during the History Quiz side quest in Dying Light 2. If you're looking for other tips, walkthroughs, and guides, we have a whole stack of articles to help you stay human.

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Published Feb. 10th 2022

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