Best Gamer Setups and Furniture

The best gamer setups and furniture just for you and/or just to make you sad.


If your pockets aren't very deep then this post will just make you sad.  If you don't mind self-inflicted torture then proceed.

This is a short list of amazing jealousy inspiring pictures of the best gaming furniture and setups I could find. I can't wait to have endless amounts of money to drop on stuff like this.

Best NES Controller You'll Ever See.

I saw this on Reddit.  It one, makes me very sad because I can't afford it, two, makes me want to troll Etsy more than Reddit.

And yes, this is a fully functional NES Controller. *drool*

Gaming Desk Done Right.

Finally, a desk intelligently designed to withstand the mass amount of nerd utensils in an organized fashion.  The terrible part is, I can't find where to buy it anywhere. 

I Never Want to Buy a Regular Dresser Again.

This looks like it can hold more than a regular dresser too!  I guess the only thing missing is larger sized drawers. 

Pure Insanity

I wouldn't be surprised if many heads have exploded just for attempting to sit down in this ultimate nerd cave.  Really, who needs all that?  I guarantee the person who uses this everyday is lying if he says he actually utilizes all of this.

Tower?  Who Needs Em'

Build the computer itself inside your desk.  GENIUS!  I swear I rarely see something more beautiful than this.

I Don't Suggest This, But...

Regardless of the unending deaths stemmed from driving and gaming, AWESOME!

Who Needs Just One Console

Bam, every console should do it.

Classy Gaming.

Only for the best of the best.

I want to see who can beat these.  Got a gamer's paradise? Lets see it.

Editors Note: After writing this article four months ago, I finally feel satisfied enough with my gaming setup to share it here.

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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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