Don't Waste Your Money -- Watch Out for These Red Flags on Any Indie Title

Who are they?

It sounds cliche, but the world is connected.  If you're a business owner and you don't have a fairly visible web presence, you might want to take a few classes on social media marketing.  When you can't find any significant information on the so-called studio or developers you're considering investing in, you could be better off throwing your wallet in front of a dog like it's a pig's ear.  

The same goes for their location. If the developer's funding page says they are located in California, but the contact info looks foreign, sound your alarms. As an informed investor, you should always check where the phone number prefix or email domains originate from. The U.S. doesn't use anything but "1" for its phone numbers.  So if a studio listed in California has a contact number starting with anything but the number one, be warned.

You could always call and ask exactly where they are, and why the info doesn't match if you're still unsure. 

Published Nov. 6th 2016

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