5 Fantasy Worlds We'd Love to See Rebuilt in Skyrim

2. Hyrule

Ah, yes...Hyrule. The famous setting for the majority of Zelda games. Why wouldn't this place be on our list?! It's enormous, there's lots do to, and of course there are many different temples, castles, and dungeons that span across Zelda games like Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, The Minish Cap, and many more!

Just imagine the opportunity to explore all those enchanting places from all these games in Skyrim. Not only would it be extremely epic, but that would take hundreds of hours of our time -- perhaps even months! It's also worth to note that the rewards and treasures would be similar to Zelda, if not the same: like the Hookshot, The Lens of Truth, the Boomerang, and a heck of a lot more.

Hyrule is just bursting with character and opportunities to be recreated in Skyrim.

Published Dec. 16th 2016

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