5 Fantasy Worlds We'd Love to See Rebuilt in Skyrim

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1. Asgard

Whenever I play Skyrim, I keep thinking of the Norse mythology and pantheon inspiring it. Nords (citizens of Skyrim), sound almost like Norse, Shor sounds like Thor, and the whole game world seems like a perfect spot for Norse influence (bitter winters and winds of the North and all that). It's also worth noting that the game's fishing vessels and ships look quite similar to Viking ships, and the game's house designs resemble those of Viking huts. Of course, there are many other similar factors that can be listed here.

The reason we have selected Asgard is because, in Norse Mythology, it is home to the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Each one has their own hall in Asgard, where they live. The rainbow bridge, known as Bifrost (seen above) connects Asgard to Midgard (Midgard being Earth).

And since the game and the Norse mythological aspect have much in common, it would only make sense to dedicate Asgard to the Gods and Goddesses of Tamriel/Skyrim. You could pay them a visit, and embark on their quests to fulfill their wishes for great rewards. 


Obviously, there are so many more equally rich fictional and fantasy worlds out there. What are some that you wish to see modded into Skyrim? Let us known down in the comments!

Published Dec. 16th 2016

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