Super Mario World Speed Run Topped 5 Times In A Week

Players chip time off the fastest Super Mario World run. Time beaten five times in one week.

For those that are unfamiliar with speed runs, there are different styles. In this particular style, the play is timed from when the player first controls the character all the way to the running credits. This style is known as an Any % run. 

In this particular case, players have found a way to "rewrite" the code on the game while playing the game. This is done by putting items in certain spots, destroying them in certain ways, and manipulating the camera at certain times. If this is done correctly, it will shoot the game to the end credits. 

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Players have speculated that glitch is near impossible on console; however, there have been a couple players doing this with what seems to be ease.  A couple weeks ago, Seth Bling took the crown for beating Super Mario World with the fastest time at any percent completion. Since his initial completion of 5:59, he has shaved that time down to 3:07, as seen above.

Even though this speed run is nothing shy of impressive, it was not enough to hold the crown for very long. Another YouTuber, Dotsarecool, has been working hard on getting his time for Any % Completion even lower. He has successfully done so. In the video seen below, he obtained a time of 1:52. 

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Even though Dotsarecool uses a different method of the glitch, it is still the same concept of item and camera placement. Dotsarecool may have the fastest time as of right now, but it doesn't take long for the speedrun community to catch wind of new glitch methods and find ways to improve it. Given the steam behind these newly produced speedruns, there may be a player working on finding a faster way to exploit it. One thing is for sure - these runs are always impressive to watch as people chip seconds off the final time.

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Published Feb. 8th 2015

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