Genshin Impact Guide: Best Characters Tier List

Select the best characters for your team build with the help of this tier list guide to Genshin Impact.

After a huge success of Honkai Impact 3rd, the Chinese gacha developer miYoHo delivers a brand new free to play game on PC, mobile, and PS4: Genshin Impact. Of course, it features a character gacha system.

Pulling a great character in Genshin Impact goes a long way, but you've got to gear them up well, too. We'll give some advice on how to equip them to maximum effectiveness in this guide as well.

SS-Tier Characters


  • Normal Attack: 89.7%
  • Elemental Skill: 94.4%
  • Elemental Burst: 204%

Diluc is undoubtedly the most powerful DPS character in Genshin Impact. More than that, he is a Pyro (fire) mage, who has the most devastating elemental burst attack of all Pyro characters in the game.

The best weapon for Diluc would be Wolf's Gravestone, which increases his normal attack by 40% and all of his allies' attack by 80% against enemies with less than 30 HP.

The most obvious choice of artifact set for Diluc would be Crimson Witch of Flame, which increases all of his Pyro damage by 15% and burning damage by 25%.


  • Normal Attack: 44.1%
  • Elemental Skill: 88.8%
  • Elemental Burst: 208%

If you're into ranged DPS characters, then look no further than Fischl. This noble lady travels with a powerful bow and a raven that deals AoE Electro damage.

Give her The Stringless bow, which boosts both her elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 48%, and watch your enemies get smitten by the powerful waves of Electro energy.

You may also find that Thundering Fury artifact set fits her just right due to its Electro damage bonus of 15%.

S-Tier Characters


  • Normal Attack: 37.8%
  • Elemental Skill: 96%
  • Elemental Burst: 285%

Qiqi is a unique type of healer that heals herself and her allies when she deals damage, which is primarily made up of powerful Cryo energy.

This means that more damage you deal, the higher amount of HP you can regenerate. That's why The Flute would be a perfect weapon for Qiqi.

This unusual weapon may trigger a harmonic during attacks. If you get five harmonics, you will enable the Power of Music, which in its turn can increase her damage by 400%.

The Flute in combination with Maiden Beloved set will increase Qiqi's healing ability by 12%.


  • Normal Attack: 70%
  • Elemental Skill: 172%
  • Elemental Burst: 142%

This character also deals Cryo damage, just like Qiqi, but this time it's a pure DPS Cryo character.

Chongyun can effectively wield Wolf's Gravestone sword, similarly to Diluc, but you may want to try Serpent Spine instead, which has a synergy with his Steady Breathing passive ability that increases all sword-wielding allies' damage by 8%.

Add to this the five possible stacks from Serpent Spine and you will end up with massive amounts of damage on your hands.

This character will also benefit greatly from the Gladiator's Finale set, which increases all normal attack damage by 20%.

A-Tier Characters


  • Normal Attack: 42.1%
  • Elemental Skill: 111%
  • Elemental Burst: 72%

Xiangling wields a long spear and summons a cute panda to help her out, which makes her both a strong DPS and a helpful support character.

Her Dragon's Bane spear is effective against enemies that have been dealt hydro or Pyro damage. Since Xiangling is a Pyro character her damage is automatically increased by 40%.

In this case, you can follow the Diluc's example and give Xiangling a set of Crimson Witch that will increase her Pyro damage by 15%.


  • Normal Attack: 48.3%
  • Elemental Skill: 292%
  • Elemental Burst: 425%

Jean has incredibly powerful elemental skills that both deal Anemo damage and heal allies continuously.

Just like Qiqi, she can use The Flute to boost up her damage and increase all of her healing abilities.

If she's wearing the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, then she can increase her already stacked elemental burst damage by another 15%, and her allies' normal attack gets a 20% bonus on top.


  • Normal Attack: 44.5%
  • Elemental Skill: 176%
  • Elemental Burst: 80.8%

An unknown traveler from another world has a special bond to all kinds of elements in Genshin Impact.

His Iron Sting sword increases all elemental and physical damage by 16%. This ability is stackable, so you can build up some powerful charges with it.

However, Traveler's main element is Anemo, so the best set here would be Viridescent Venerer, which gives 15% bonus on all Anemo damage an decreases all elemental resistances of enemies by 40%.

These are the best characters in Genshin Impact, and be sure to check out other mobile game guides on our dedicated hub page. Genshin Impact is out now on mobile, PC, and PS4.


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Published Sep. 28th 2020

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