FFXIV Stormblood Aether Currents Guide: How to Find and Use the Compass

How to find all the FFXIV: Stormblood Aether Currents by using your trusty Aether Compass.

There are six brand new expansive maps to explore in Final Fantasy XIV's new "Stormblood" expansion, which means the infamous Aether Current collect-a-thon is back for those of us that hope to earn the ability to fly across these new areas. But who really wants to stare at coordinates and try to find their way from point to point?

Whether you lost your Aether Compass or simply don't know how to get started, we're here to show you how to unlock all of the Aether Currents in FFXIV by only the tools the game gives to you -- that way you don't have to waste your time Alt-Tabbing to figure out where everything is.

First thing's first, though: you're going to need an Aether Compass to find the stray currents. If you've lost or discarded the Aether Compass (found in your Key Items Inventory), you'll need to pick up a new one.

How to get a new Aether Compass in "Stormblood"

If you've already sunk your teeth into "Stormblood", there's no reason to trek all the way back to Ishgard. After the level 60 MSQ (Main Scenario Quest) called "A Bargain Struck", you can go to Gaufrid in Rhalgr's Reach (x14.3,y9.6) to get a new Aether Compass.

How to Get New Aether Compass in FFXIV Stormblood Guide

Alternatively, if you're a bit earlier in the MSQ (or are simply in the area), you can head to the Forgotten Knights tavern in Ishgard - Foundation (x13,y11) and speak to Gibrillont for a new Aether Compass.

How to Unlock Aether Currents in FFXIV

Once you have your Aether Compass, open up the Key Items tab and drag that puppy onto a hotbar. You're going to be using it a lot and you don't want to have to open your inventory and go through a selection menu every time you pop it.

I prefer to search for Aether Currents only after uncovering a sizable chunk of the map to make it easier to predict where they'll be. Follow the MSQ Aether Current Side Quests FFXIV Stormbloodaround for a while, since not only will it send you on expeditions across the map, but it'll also unlock the four Aether Current side quests in each area, which are marked by a quest icon with a "+" and a blue background, like the one on the right.

Once you're ready to catch the stray Aether Currents, position yourself in any corner of the map and follow these simple steps:

  1. Pop your Aether Compass to discover how far away the nearest current is and in which direction it's found.
  2. Examine the map and make an educated guess on its location before heading off in its direction.
  3. Continue to pop your compass when it's off cooldown and adjust your heading if need be. When you get within 70-50 yalms, it should be easily visible. Keep in mind that they're normally found in high up or unique places.
  4. Attune to the Aether Current and repeat from step 1 until you've hit every current on the map. (You can check your progress from the Travel menu.)

Note that you won't be able to reach every Aether Current on your first visit to either The Fringes or The Peaks, so it may be worth waiting on those maps until later in the MSQ.

You'll gain the ability to fly on a map after attuning to its 10 stray Aether Currents and completing the five quests that unlock them on that map (four side quests and one MSQ). Remember, the key to unlocking the side quests is to simply continue on the MSQ until they pop up.

How to Find Aether Currents in FFXIV Stormblood

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Published Jun. 21st 2017

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