FFXIV Endwalker: Is There a Fix For Lobby Server Connection Error Code 2002?

Lobby server connection error code 2002 is plaguing many FFXIV players on Endwalker launch day. Is there a fix?

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launch day is here, but lobby server connection error code 2002 is plaguing players hoping to hop in. The annoying error, which reads "The lobby server connection has encountered an error," pops up when players try to enter the character selection screen and while in the queue. If you're here, you're probably wondering if there's a fix. 

What is Lobby Server Connection Error Code 2002?

The lobby server connection 2002 error code means that the servers are overloaded, as is the custom on launch day in MMORPGs (and heck, many multiplayer games these days). FFXIV Endwalker is no different, with droves of players trying to queue and get in. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around lobby server connection error 2002 because of that. It's a server-side bottleneck, and there isn't much to be done.

With that in mind, there is no "fix" for this issue currently. Right now, the only thing you can do is to keep trying to get into the game, which can be particularly frustrating as it kicks you out of the client even when you are in queue. 

Square Enix have addressed the lobby server error on Twitter, requesting that players be patient and wait before trying to get in again once they receive the code. 

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It's expected that the lobby server connection error 2002 will hang around for a while considering how many folks are jumping into FFXIV: Endwalker. Since it's related to server capacity on the developer side of things and traffic is high, there's no fix to be had client-side. it's just something we'll have to live with for now. Be patient, and we'll all get in there soon enough.

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Published Dec. 3rd 2021

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