How to Get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero

Find out how to get Snow Stalker Fur and craft the Cold Suit with the help of our guide to Subnautica: Below Zero.

In order to survive in sub zero temperatures of Subnautica: Below Zero players must acquire the Cold Suit, a special thermal-regulated body suit that consists of three pieces: suit, gloves, and helmet. Each component of the Cold Suit can be crafted using Snow Stalker Fur and Fiber Mesh.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero. After that you can use Fabricator to craft the Cold Suit and be able to survive in the freezing environments of Planet 4546B.

How to Get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero

If you're lucky, you can find Snow Stalker Fur inside caves of the Glacial Basin, but most of the time you will have to take it by force from Snow Stalkers. Snow Stalkers are carnivores that can be found on one of the following biomes:

  • Arctic Spires
  • Glacial Basin

Before venturing into one of these territories you need to craft a Spy Pengling using the following recipe:

  • 2x Titanium
  • 1x Wiring Kit
  • 1x Silicone Rubber
  • 1x Battery

The blueprint for the Spy Pengling can be acquired by scanning fragments at  Marguerit Maida's Base, which can be found inside a cave below the Purple Vents biome. It can also be found at Phi Robotics Center, located in the largest cave of the Glacial Basin.

Once you have your Spy Pengling ready, you need to deploy it somewhere near the roaming Snow Stalker. Use controls to get to it as close as possible and press left mouse button to collect the fur. You can repeat this process many times.

All-in-all, you will need four pieces of Snow Stalker Fur to craft the Cold Suit:

Cold Suit
2x Fiber Mesh
2x Snow Stalker Fur
Cold Suit Gloves
1x Fiber Mesh
1x Snow Stalker Fur
Cold Suit Helmet 1x Fiber Mesh
1x Snow Stalker Fur


That's all you need to know on how to get Get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero. Check out more Subnautica: Below Zero tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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