Pillars of Eternity: The White March – New Companions and How to Recruit Them

Trying to recruit all the new companions in Pillars of Eternity: The White March? Now that Part II is out, here's the skinny on where to find each one.

In the tradition of great CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment, Pillars of Eternity, and its recently completely two-part expansion, The White March, relies heavily on its NPC companions. If you want to get the most out of the game, it helps to recruit as many of the potential companions as you can, and early – you'll get to experience more banter and commentary that way.

Here’s a quick guide to recruiting the three new companions that are available in The White March.


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Monk

Mig: 17
Con: 17
Dex: 13
Per: 10
Int: 10
Res: 11

Zahua can be recruited more or less as soon as you get to Stalwart (this means you need to get to Caed Nua and complete the quest Never Far From the Queen), though you might want to gain a few levels just in case you encounter something nasty on the way or in the area.

Zahua is hiding inside the Fishery in Stalwart near the west side. When you get close to the building a cutscene will play depicting a man fleeing from a barrel. Investigate the barrel to find Zahua and let him know that you’re there to investigate Durgan’s Battery and he’ll happily join your party.

The Devil of Caroc

Gender: Female
Race: Construct
Class: Rogue

Mig: 13
Con: 10
Dex: 10
Per: 16
Int: 12
Res: 15

The Devil of Caroc can be found in Durgan’s Battery, but there is some unavoidable combat, so you are going to want to be a little higher level than the minimum – it can theoretically be done around level six, but you might want to just wait until you’re ready to tackle The White March in its entirety, unless you specifically want The Devil of Caroc in your party.

She can be found in Galvino’s Hut, in the Northeastern part of the map. There’s a trapdoor in the right room which leads to a cavern below – take the western path, through the lab, until you reach Galvino’s room. Talk to him until you get to the option to purchase the golem for 500cp, after which she will join your party.


Gender: Female
Race: Aumaua
Class: Barbarian

Mig: 19
Con: 15
Dex: 11
Per: 12
Int: 14
Res: 13

Maneha, despite being added in the second part of The White March, is relatively easily to recruit (especially compared to The Devil of Caroc). She’s hanging out near the temple in Stalwart, and all you need to do is clear out the Ogres to get her to join on. As usual, just be polite, and she’ll be more than willing to tag along with your quest (it’s worth noting that Maneha has more attributes than any other companion you can recruit, and can earn more from her personal quest – she’s pretty powerful).

And there you have it! All these companions, except for The Devil of Caroc, can be recruited almost immediately, if you’re industrious enough, but The White March can be dicey, so feel free to hold off until later in the game when you can take on the baddies more directly. Good luck, adventurer!

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Published Feb. 23rd 2016
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    Man I haven't even gotten to White March part 1 yet. Need to jump on this, the base Pillars was amazing.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Holy crap, Maneha's stats are absurd.

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