Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: Martin Kerstein

Martin is up for Community Manager of the Year

HistoryMartin Kerstein has held several positions within the video game community. It all began in January of 2006 at NCSoft Europe where he held the title of Community Coordinator for Guild Wars. In May of 2007 he achieved Community Team Lead, and in December of 2008 he took on the role of Territorial Franchise Coordinator. NCSoft announced the termination of NCSoft Europe in favor of NCSoft West in late 2008. Despite this, Martin stayed on and 'held down the fort' until April 2009.CurrentMartin now works at ArenaNet's Bellevue Office after he scooped up the position of German Community Manager in April of 2009. In December of 2010 Martin received the additional title of Head of Community for ArenaNet. He currently retains both of these titles, and is an active member of the community for Guild Wars 2.In the last week alone, Martin has made 17 posts to the forums. Most of these messages were answering questions from players who were confused about upcoming features to the game. For players, having a direct connection to someone knowledgeable about game content is invaluable. Also, it doesn't hurt that Martin showed up to wear pink in a Guild Wars event known as "Pink Day in LA." The event supports breast cancer awareness and raises money for the cause. Click here to vote for Martin in the Dragon Slayer Awards!


I am a self-described MMORPG addict. Not in the sense that my real life suffers, but rather my real life is enhanced.

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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