Top 5 coolest vehicles in games

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Quick: what's man's best friend?

A dog? Hell no! Can you ride a dog? Or install a moon roof in a dog? Or drop some giant subwoofers in back? Maybe a disco ball and ocelot fur upholstery? If you can manage that with a dog...I salute you, you crazy person. Your deviance makes the world a better place.

No, if God had intended dogs to be man's best friend, he would not have invented video game vehicles.

Cars, boats, planes; no matter what form your ride takes, they're meant to make you look attractive and compensate for your slow, pudgy virtual meat-legs. Video gaming is a medium that laughs in the face of physics and good taste, so the sky's the limit on how cool the vehicles can be. But these five top them all.

To narrow the scope of this list, I limited it to small, personal vehicles that only seat a few people. Humongous ships like the Normandy don't count. Animal mounts also don't count. On with the show!

Published Jun. 27th 2015

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