5 CS:GO Maps to Get You Ready for Competitive Play

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In Counter-Strike: Source, if you wanted to play competitively, you had to have or know someone who had their own server, and then find a full group of five to play with as well as one fo play against.

Then, you had to run server configuration files and scripts in order to play by the proper rules.

Now, virtually anyone can hop on and find a competitive match via the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking system.

Making competitive more accessible play has been great for some, but some people have struggled to move up to the level of play present in the mode.

These five maps will help you hone your skills and get ready to hold your own in the world of CS:GO matchmaking.


If you are serious about being a quality player in CS:GO, the first thing you'll need to do is ditch the default crosshair.

It might be fine for new players, but it tends to be too large and hide crucial information while providing you too much information about the possible spray radius of the gun you are using.

As you learn the recoil patterns of guns in different situations, you'll be able to get away with using a smaller, customized crosshair that this generator map will provide you with.

Crashz has done a phenomenal job giving anyone access to the crosshair setting that the pros use as well as the ability to create a fully custom one without any console commands. You can even test it out right inside the generator map.

All of these features packed into a small download easily give this map the top spot.

2. training_aim_csgo2

This map might not have any real player models to shoot at, but that doesn't mean it is not insanely useful.

There is a ton of customization in this custom CS:GO map that can help you train your aim for almost any sort of situation as you try to hit the little dots that blink or fly across your field of view.

This map can easily help you get used to your new crosshair as you test it out with different weapons in different situations.


3. Aim Botz

Unlike the last map, this CS:GO training map is all about bots, but not at all about aim botting.

With all of the customization options in Aim Botz, you can sit inside of the bunker and emulate just about any in-game firefight situation you wish, which makes it extremely valuable to not only new players, but veterans as well.

4. Aim Training Course

Created by the same mapper as our last map (Mr. uLLeticaL™), Aim Course Training gives you a little more realistic way to train and test your aim against some "dumb bots".

Going through this course feels a lot like playing a Call of Duty campaign without the quick-time events.

It even gives you statistics such as accuracy and time to completion for each run-through.

While not as customizable as some of the previous options for working on your aim, this map is certainly a good one to keep in your arsenal.


5. Training - Inferno SiteA

Bomb Site A can be difficult to defend on de_inferno, thankfully, this training map exists so that you can learn the ins and outs of it.

Just select your load out, place some terrorist bots and have fun defending the site!

And there you have it: the five best CS:GO maps to get you ready for competitive play.

Of course, these maps won't make you a pro, you'll still have to put in a lot of work for that. But using these maps should help you at least get out of the silver matchmaking ranks and on to nova and above.

Published Mar. 31st 2015

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