Postknight NPC Gift-Giving Guide

Befriend all of Postknight's adorable damsels without all the guesswork with this guide.

Trying to make nice with one of the handful of befriendable girls in Postknight? The whole gifting system is easy to overlook if you're just into the game to give monsters a good whomping but if you're really getting into it then it's time to start giving the NPCs gifts.

Giving an NPC a gift is as easy as tapping on them directly then tapping the 'Gift' button, but that's the only easy part about figuring out the gift system. You unlock a few NPCs in Pompon Village, but it takes some progress to unlock the others. Specifically:

  • Fleur - Complete Creek Trail V
  • Magnolia - Complete Timber Path V
  • Dahlia - Obtain Postknight Rank B and reach Caldemount
  • Camellia - Reach Caldemount
  • Senna - Reach Griffondell
  • Asteria - Reach Valley of Gold

But that's not all there is to know about these lovely helpful ladies! Each one has her own specific likes and dislikes that you have to abide to in order to get her to reach 5 hearts. For example, Camellia loves salads while Dahlia hates them. On the flip side, Dahlia really likes yellow daffodils but Camellia hates them.

When you give an NPC a gift they like you will gain hearts but if you give them something they dislike you will lose hearts instead. You want to make sure you give them things they like to avoid having to make up for hearts lost when giving a bad gift. In addition, you will lose a heart if you skip talking to a girl for a day.

This guide is pretty simple but should get the job done for now. I've listed out the items I've given each girl as well as whether she loved, liked, or hated it. I did not log the amount of heart progress given with each gift, though! Maybe another day.


postknight-fleur-5df21.pngFleur is an apprentice alchemist and can be found in Pompon Village at all points in the story. According to the official Postknight Facebook Fleur loves apples and spicy food, and her favorite color is green.

Loves: Apple juice, curry rice, leaf handkerchief, green orchid

Likes: Beer, coffee, green orchid, grilled salmon, hair comb, honey, lavender, leaf handkerchief, milk, mushroom soup, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation, polka dot ribbon, salad, yellow daffodil

Dislikes: Beer, feather pendant, red rose

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Spring Bloom.


postknight-magnolia-89345.pngMagnolia is the first NPC you can start befriending and she stays in Pompon Village throughout the story. She loves strolling through the village's fields and home-cooked food (in particular soup), and her favorite color is white.

Loves: Mushroom soup, honey, white lily, polka dot ribbon

Likes: Apple juice, beer, butterfly bracelet, hair comb, lavender, leaf handkerchief, milk, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation, red rose, roast beef, salad, yellow daffodil

Dislikes: Coffee, green orchid, grilled salmon, hoop earrings

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Sweet Delight.


postknight-dahlia-cb326.pngDahlia is a thrill-seeker with a taste for beer, and leaves Shello Bay once you reach Caldemount and become a Rank B Postknight. Unsurprisingly she loves beer and beef, and her favorite color is red.

Loves: Beer, hoop earrings, milk, red rose, roast beef

Likes: Coffee, curry rice, feather pendant, grilled salmon, honey, leaf handkerchief, mushroom soup, pancakes, peach tea, rose handkerchief

Dislikes: Lavender, milk, polka dot ribbon, salad

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Classic Desire.


postknight-camellia-0d9d0.pngCamellia is certainly the most regal of the girls in Postknight and can be found in Caldemount, where she will remain throughout the story. She loves high quality teas and healthy meals, and her favorite color is pink.

Loves: Butterfly bracelet, hoop earrings, peach tea, pink carnation, salad

Likes: Beer, coffee, feather pendant, green orchid, grilled salmon, honey, hoop earrings, milk, pancakes, polka dot ribbon, red rose, roast beef

Dislikes: Curry rice, leaf handkerchief, yellow daffodil

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Blushing Allure.


postknight-senna-aff00.pngSenna can't get enough of being outside or taking care of animals and she can be found out in Griffondell through the entirety of the story. She loves animal produce and delicious rare seafood dishes. Her favorite color is yellow.

Loves: Feather pendant, grilled salmon, milk, yellow daffodil

Likes: Apple juice, beer, butterfly bracelet, coffee, curry rice, green orchid, honey, hoop earrings, lavender, leaf handkerchief, mushroom soup, polka dot ribbon, red rose, roast beef, salad

Dislikes: Hair comb, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Summer Charm.


postknight-asteria-49b4a.pngThe last girl you can start building a relationship with, Asteria is obsessed with gadgeteering. She loves sugary foods as well as caffeine, and her favorite color is blue.

Loves: Coffee, hair comb, lavender, pancakes

Likes: Apple juice, beer, curry rice, grilled salmon, hoop earrings, milk, peach tea, roast beef

Dislikes: Butterfly bracelet, honey, mushroom soup, white lily

If you want to get her a bouquet via event tokens, choose Bright Devotion.

This guide is a work in progress! I'd very much like to add exact heart gains and fill in the item gaps in time. In the meantime, hopefully this information helps you get each of the girls' memories.

Images taken from the official Postknight Facebook.

Published Feb. 23rd 2017

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