Patch 2.4.10 Lands for The Elder Scrolls: Online

Improvements and fixes to The Elder Scrolls: Online include, DLC, UI and combat and general.

There was a brief outage for The Elder Scrolls: Online yesterday, as maintenance and updates were being applied to the PC and Mac versions. The result is the latest patch, 2.4.10, which includes the following changes to its base version and downloadable content.

Improvements and Fixes to the Base Game

  • A general change to Alliance War, which increases the respawn timer for Forward Camp from two to five minutes

Combat and General

  • An issue was fixed where charge abilities were causing the camera to clip through terrain when activating the ability on certain slopes or hills.
  • Another issue was fixed where the champion rank 160 system was being sent to player's accounts multiple times.
  • An improvement to the speed of the Looking for Group system where players are matched.
  • An issue was fixed which occurred if a player joined the Group Finder with a group of three and one left. Basically, the queue didn't replace the one that left.

Quests and Zones

  • In Cold Harbour, the Soul-Meld Mage: the compass markers no longer direct players back through the rubble after players enter the room to discover the corrupted blood. Players will be pointed towards the door of the experiment chamber.
  • In Khenarthi's Roost, the Moon Sugar Medicant quest, Zulana will no longer bury herself in stone when attempting to approach the player's chamber.
  • In The Rift, Trail of the Mind quest, the empty sack associated with Geirmund's Hall is again usable.


  • An issue was fixed where lock boxes, thieves' troves and chests displayed an item name instead of the proper container name.

Japanese Game Client

  • An issue was fixed where the daytime character associated with the guild creation date was being displayed as a blank square.

Fixes and Improvements to the Dark Brotherhood DLC

  • In the Dark Brotherhood guild, the Monk Disguise attained from the Shadowy Supplier will be removed if the timer ends after the player dies. A crash was also fixed involving the player changing zones at exactly the same moment the Monk's Disguise expires.

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Published Jul. 5th 2016

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