F*ck You, Physics: 5 Games That Throw The Laws of Science Out the Window

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Video games hate physics, and physics hate video games. This is well known and long accepted. (Seriously, have you tried making a game in Unity before? Getting those damned colliders to reliably NOT fly through one another can be a huge pain in the ass.)

For this reason most developers shake their firsts and say something like:

”Eh screw it! I'll show you, physics!!!”

This leads to games that have utterly ridiculous physical interaction -- and those are precisely the sorts of games we're looking at today. Ironically, most of the games on this list tried to utilize physics more than your average game, though in their cases that just exacerbated the problem at hand. 

In these next 5 games, it's clear that the developers took their gloves off and did battle with physics. But we're not sure who won in the end...

[Header Image Obtained From Hash Milhan. Edited]

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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