F*ck You, Physics: 5 Games That Throw The Laws of Science Out the Window

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Every Game Ever

I bet you thought that you’d just get to read a cute listicle about how physics hates you in a few games...but nope. It hates you in basically every game. Almost any game you have ever played has something in it that would violently mutilate you if repeated IRL.

You know how you jump in like every platformer ever? Well no one has ever jumped higher than 1.5m. And in most games you jump WAY higher than that.

You know how there’s that Krogan Shotgun in Mass Effect 2 that tells you it would break the arm of a human when shot because of its force, but then the game lets you use it anyway? Well, spoiler alert, that would actually break your arm.

And don’t even get me started on the logic present in Mass Effect Andromeda’s life support system. Standing in caustic water for half a second kills me, but my shields can withstand a hail of bullets for a couple seconds? Something is not adding up there.

In fact, really anything you hold sacred and true in a video game is probably a lie if you look at science. But isn't that half the fun? Physics may be what keeps us grounded in life, but in video games....anything is possible. And that's why we love them!

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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