Save the Multiverse While Looking Fabulous with Magic: Legends' Planeswalker Bundle

Magic: Legends' Planeswalker Bundle DLC offers several cosmetics, spell skins, and even a unique item.

Sure, Magic: Legends is all about building the best decks with powerful spells, but you can still look your best while doing it. Perfect World Entertainment announced the Planeswalker Bundle for Magic: Legends, a DLC pack with several exclusive skins and cosmetics for $39.99.

Magic: Legends' five different classes and mana types inspired the Planeswalker Bundle's cosmetic items. They can be used on any character and include:

  • White: Sanctifier  Armor of Serra 
  • Blue: Mind Mage  Azorious Vestments
  • Black: Necromancer  Demonic Raiments
  • Red: Geomancer  Ghitu Garb
  • Green: Beastcaller  Zendikar Survivalist’s Gear

The game's signature summon spells get their own special alt skins in the bundle.

  • ‘Wrathful’ Lightpiercer Angel
  • ‘Tinkerer’ Academy Wizard
  • ‘Ashen’ Volatile Thrull
  • ‘Obsidian’ Earth Elemental
  • ‘Enormous’ Jungle Baloth

Finally, the Planeswalker Bundle also comes with the special Gilded Lotus Artifact and the experimental summon Sentinel with its own alt skin.

The Planeswalker Bundle is available for pre-order now, and items unlock once Magic: Legends enters its open beta on March 23.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment]


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Published Feb. 4th 2021

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