Final Fantasy Showcase Reveals FFXIV 6.0 Endwalkers

Final Fantasy XIV's 6.0 update is Endwalkers, bringing the tale of Hydaelyn and Zodiark to a dramatic conclusion literally out of this world.

2021's first Final Fantasy XIV announcement showcase unveiled Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, which is FFXIV's 6.0 update. It's set to release in fall 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. There will also be a PS5 beta scheduled on April 13 coinciding with patch 5.5.

FFXIV Endwalker sees the Warrior of Light (aka you) travel to the moon with Alphinaud and Alisaie in a dramatic conclusion to the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark begun in A Realm Reborn.

It's not the end of FFXIV, though. Producer Naoki Yoshida said the team is already planning the game's 6.1 update, which will feature the first fully brand-new story since Heavensward.

Two new FFXIV classes headline Endwalker's bigger updates.

First up is Sage, a healer class wielding magic-infused knives. There's no class requirement for Sage, though players will need to be Level 70 and, obviously, own Endwalker. The second is a melee job, though the showcase didn't have anything to say about that one yet.

FFXIV 6.0 introduces several new locales to visit, including the lush tropical city of Radz-At-Han and the Garlean imperial capital of Garlemald.

Construction in the residential area of Ishguard is finally complete — though not open until 6.1 — and the Golden Saucer is getting some new, as-yet-unknown updates.

Endwalker's Island Sanctuary brings a bit of Stardew Valley to Final Fantasy XIV, tasking players with transforming a desert area into a thriving farm.

Endwalker also includes some of the typical additions that come with new expansions. The level cap is increased, this time to 90, there's a new raid called Pandaemonium with its own separate story, new PvP elements, and a new alliance raid. Unlike previous raids, this one revolves around remaining in-game mysteries instead of crossovers. And finally, there's a new tribe, the Arkasodara, and a new enemy type in the FFX-adjacent Anima.

If you've still not taken the plunge into Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix expanded the game's free trial to include almost the entirety of the first two story arcs, which is well over 100 hours of gameplay.


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Published Feb. 8th 2021

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