Coming Down the Chimney: 5 Games You Didn't Know Featured Santa

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Saint's Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas

What else can top the events of the original Saints Row IV? Oh how about saving Christmas? Everyone's favorite gang is back at it again, to save Christmas from who else but Santa Claus? In this DLC exclusively for Saints Row IV, the boss isn't in the spirit of Christmas, but worse than that, he doesn't feel like saving Santa. So the Saints must cheer him up and show the true meaning of Christmas (not that true meaning).


A futuristic Shaudi meets with the gang and tells The Boss that the future is in trouble, and he must save Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas from Santa Claws, an evil creation from Zinyak. The gang must go to the North Pole and stop Claws from his evil deeds. Successfully completing three missions in the game means the gang will be erased from Santa's Naughty List.


Santa means different things to different people, and there's no denying his video game appearances certainly embody this concept. From a giant sumo wrestler to dreadful impersonators, developers have taken quite a few liberties with the jolly old elf over the years. What's your take on these different appearances for Santa? Post your comments below, and thanks for reading!

Published Dec. 9th 2017

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