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It's been over a week since the release of the hilarious Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare from PopCap and EA. I thought it'd be fun to find some wonderful cosplay paying tribute to the amazing Plants and Zombies who have entered our hearts.

This is the official mascot of Plants vs Zombies here at E3 in 2013 in a photo with IDiivil-Official.

Picture of silverwordz and friends at MegaCon 2011.


This photo was taken at the San Diego Comic Con 2013 by pa68.

Here we have a tribute to Craaaaazy Dave by Silantre.


This photo was taken at PAX Prime 2012 of cosplayer lelental (dressed as Emilia from Dance Central 2) with some PopCap Zombies.

This photo taken by KaniKaniza at AmeCon 2012 of cosplayers ChiDan as the Jalapeño and soul-of-the-wild as the Peashooter.


This photo was taken by Yama13 at a zombie party.

This is a photo taken by WebJiCi at Otakuthon Halloween 2012 of a cosplayer.


Photo of a pair of sunflowers and pair of zombies taken by Ysterath

Photo taken by FlyByPhoto at MegaCon 2011.

Photo taken of a dancing zombie by richgrohl

Photo of some memorable zombies taken by imalipusram at Epitanime 2012.

Published Mar. 6th 2014

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