Apex Legends Gun and Weapon Stats Guide

We compare all the DPS, head damage, and mag size stats for every single weapon currently available in Apex Legends.

Still figuring out your preferred legend and weapon load out in Apex Legends? We can help you nail down your play style with a full break down of every single gun and their overall stats. 

Below we cover each weapon's basic damage rate for hitting anywhere on the body, increased damage for specifically landing a headshot, overall damage per second for body hits, and the mag size.

High DPS is usually better if you aren't carefully aiming, while low DPS can actually result in more damage if you have mastered a weapon and can take careful aim for several direct hits in a row. There are a few exceptions however, like with the energy assault rifle Havoc, which works differently than other guns.

Apex Legends Pistol Stats

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
 P2020  12 18   10 36 
 RE-45  11 16    15  55 
 Wingman  45  90   6 90


Apex Legends Assault Rifle Stats

Note that unlike other weapons, the Havoc's energy beam deals less damage the farther that it travels, and it also has a charge up time before firing.

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
 Flatline  16  32 20  80 
Havoc  18 36  25 201 
Hemlok  54 108   18   54
R-301   14 28   18 56 


Apex Legends Shotgun Stats

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
 EVA-8 Auto  63 90   8  126
 Peacekeeper  110 165   6  110 
 Mozambique  45  66   3  90  
 Mastiff 144 288   4 288

Apex Legends Sniper Rifle Stats

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
G7 Scout   30 60   10  60
 Longbow  55 110   5  55
Kraber  125 250   4 125 
  Triple Take  69  138   5  69


Apex Legends SMG Stats

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
Alternator   13 19   16  65
 Prowler  70 84  20  70 
 R-99 12  18  18  84


Apex Legends LMG Stats

Gun Damage Headshot Damage Magazine DPS
 Devotion  17 34   44  51
 L-Star EMG  21 42   60  252 
 M600 Spitfire  20 40   35  80


Note that these stats will likely change over time as updates are released, and new weapons are expected to arrive down the line.

Do you see a discrepancy or notice any stats that are missing or incorrect? Let us know and we'll get the complete Apex Legends gun stats guided updated!

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Published Mar. 25th 2019

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