For Honor Guide: Berserker Info and Tips

Become the master of rage and aggression with this For Honor guide to the Berserker!

The Berserker is a fast-paced, aggressive Assassin for the Vikings faction in For Honor. They use twin axes and have infinite combos and uninterruptible attacks. Being assassin, means they can also Deflect by dodging into the direction of an attack.

This character relies on keeping the opponent off-balance by switching up attack patterns and constantly applying pressure. This is not a character for those that want to take things slow and steady. It takes some practice, but mastering the berserker will make any opponent fear you. 

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This guide will go everything you need to know about the Berserker in For Honor, including:

  • Berserker Basics - Specific mechanics the Berserker uses, as well as their moves
  • Berserker Gear - Suggested stats to shoot for when equipping gear
  • Berserker Tips - Extra tips for playing this hero at a higher level

Berserker Basics

for honor berserker moves


  • Dance of the Paired Blades - Light Attack, Heavy Attack or Heavy Attack, Light Attack
    • This is an infinite chain, which means you can keep alternating between Light and Heavy Attacks for a combo until you run out of stamina, miss, or get hit.
  • Bear Mauler - Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Boar Rush - Press Heavy Attack while Sprinting
  • Head Slicer - Up+Dodge, Light Attack
  • Spin Chop - Dodge to either side, Light Attack
    • Uninterruptible
  • Head Crusher - Up+Dodge, Heavy Attack
    • Uninterruptible
  • Slashing Rush - Down on movement+Zone Attack(Light and Heavy attack at the same time)
    • Uninterruptible

Specific Mechanics 

  • Earn more Renown in 1v1 fights, killing enemy Heroes, and getting killing streaks.
  • Defense: Reflex - Guard Stance only remains active for a short time.
  • Deflect - Dodge in the direction of an incoming Attack just before impact to Deflect it.
    • Berserkers automatically Guardbreak after a Deflect.
  • Infinite Uninterruptible Chain - When you perform 4 or more chain attacks, your Attacks become uninterruptible and cost less stamina.
  • Infinite Chain Finisher - A Top Heavy Attack will always end an infinite chain. It also inflicts extra damage.
  • Chain Starter - Dodge attacks can initiate chain attacks.
  • Close Combat - Missing an attack, doing a chain, or doing a Head Crusher can be canceled by a Zone Attack or dodge.
  • Cancel Attacks - You can cancel the startup of your basic attacks by dodging.

Berserker Gear

for honor berserker gear

These characters are very aggressive attackers, so they benefit from offensive stats like Attack and Revenge Mode Attack.

  • Weapon Part 1 - Attack followed by Defense.
  • Weapon Part 2 - Revenge Mode Gain by Defense and Revenge Mode Defense.
  • Weapon Part 3 - Revenge Mode Attack
  • Helm - I would go with Revenge Mode Duration, followed by Exhaustion Recovery.
    • If you have problems with Bleeds and other Debuffs, try Debuff Resistance.
  • Chest - Execution Health Regen is always great, but I also like Sprint Speed for this character so enemies can't escape you.
  • Arms - Block Damage Resistance or Stamina Regen

Other Berserker Tips

for honor berserker combat

Practice the Infinite Combo

The infinite combo is just alternating Light and Heavy Attack and can be started with either. Make sure to change directions periodically to keep your opponent off-balance.

Master Uninterruptible Usage

The Berserker's combos become uninterruptible after 4 attacks, even if they block. So use this to your advantage. They also have 3 attacks -- Spin Chop, Head Crusher, and Slashing Rush -- that are uninterruptible.

Use Dodge Attacks and Feints

Dodge attacks can start chain attacks, which leads into infinite and uninterruptible combos. You can also dodge to cancel the startup of your basic attacks, which is a Feint. Doing these things make your character even more unpredictable and aggressive.

Be Prepared for Parries

Good players know that you can parry unblockable and uninterruptible attacks, so this might happen when you use any of these moves. Prepare in advance for your attack to be parried so you can go on the defensive if needed.

Those are all the tips I have for playing Berserker in For Honor. Let me know if you have any tips of your own, or questions about anything else!

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Published Feb. 24th 2017

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