Pokemon X Y - Eighth Gym Leader Wulfric Guide

If you're stressing about this gym, chill out! Professor Neckbeard is here.

This is it, trainer! You have reached the last gym leader in Pokemon X Y and the last badge you need before going down Victory Road. Wulfric is the leader of Snowbelle City.

If you cannot get to the gym in Snowbelle City yet, it's because Wulfric is over in Pokemon village. Check your map and start heading over there. After running into him eventually, he will return to the gym and you will be able to challenge him.

Know Your Enemy

Ice types are super effective against four types, ineffective against four types, resistant to one, and weak to four. This gives you plenty of options offensively and a decent amount of options defensively.

  • Ice types are weak to fire, fighting, rock, and steel. You should have either Talonflame or Lucario on your team; they will be able to tear through this gym if they are the correct level.
  • Ice types are strong against grass, ground, flying, and dragon. You do not want to use Chesnaught or Venusaur. Talonflame, while part flying, is also part fire which will cancel out the super effectiveness of ice moves.
  • Ice types are resistant to only ice types. You do not want to have an ice on ice battle as it will probably go nowhere at all.
  • Ice types deal half damage to fire, water, ice, and steel. Mono steel or mono fire will rock their worlds.

Ice to Beat You

 The puzzle in this gym is pretty straightforward. You will need to beat every trainer in the gym before reaching Wulfric. Just experiment with the puzzle and eventually you will make your way over.

Ace Trainer Imelda

Sneasel (lvl. 54)

  • Weaknesses: fire, bug, rock, steel, fairy, and especially fighting

Cloyster (lvl. 55)

  • Icicle Crash
  • Weaknesses: electric, grass, fighting, and rock

Ace Trainer Viktor

Delibird (lvl. 54)

  • Weaknesses: fire, electric, steel, and especially rock

Mammoswine (lvl. 55)

  • Thrash
  • Weaknesses: fire, water, grass, fighting, and steel
  • Immunities: electric

Ace Trainer Shannon

Cryogonal (lvl. 52)

  • Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, and steel

Piloswine (lvl. 53)

  • Mist
  • Weaknesses: fire, water, fighting, grass, and steel
  • Immunities: electric

Jynx (lvl. 54)

  • Weaknesses: fire, bug, rock, ghost, dark, and steel

Ace Trainer Theo

Beartic (lvl. 54)

  • Hail
  • Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, and steel

Vanilluxe (lvl. 55)

  • Ice Beam
  • Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, and steel


Abomasnow (lvl. 56)

  • Ice Beam
  • Energy Ball
  • Ice Shard
  • Weaknesses: fighting, poison, flying, bug, rock, steel, and especially fire

Cryogonal (lvl. 55)

  • Confuse Ray
  • Hail
  • Ice Beam
  • Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, and steel

Avalugg (lvl. 59)

  • Curse
  • Avalanche
  • Crunch
  • Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, and steel

After defeating Wulfric, you will be given the Iceberg Badge and TM13 Ice Beam. The Iceberg Badge is the last badge you need to move on to the Victory Road and the Elite Four. Congratulations! You're almost done with the game.

If you want some more Pokemon help, check out Professor Neckbeard's Pokemon XY Walkthrough where you can find all of my guides written thus far.

Published Oct. 20th 2013
  • Malorie_6701
    I am playing Pokemon Y and these construction workers won't let me through and thus lady won't let me through and there is no other way to get to Snowbelle city
  • Derrick_8990
    Thanks for the guide!!!!

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