5 Reasons Yearly Franchise Releases Should Go The Way of the Dinosaur

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As most (or all) of you have noticed, some companies like to release certain games every year, adding another branded installment in a series. While this may excite some gamers, many of us are getting bored of seeing the same games year after year.

We all want to see something new from developers -- the same thing over and over tends to dry up player's excitement, making them move on to other developers and franchises. And that's not good when it comes to a company's assets.

Yearly releases can become tiresome, lose sales, and generate negativity in communities, among other things. They're often rushed to hit their annual release date, and hit shelves in a broken state that leaves fans disappointed. 

It's about time that developers gave these annual releases a breather and let other franchises flourish.

Published Jan. 10th 2017

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