Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Unboxing!

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Beyond: Two Souls came out this week! I managed to remember to pre-order a Special Edition copy in advance and it finally is here! 

Outside of the plastic shrink wrap the cardboard really looks a little cheap compared to the steel book it houses...

Sliding up the cardboard sleeve reveals a figure...


... A figure who turns out to be: Ellen Page! I mean Jodie Homes, the game's lovely and enigmatic protagonist. 

The back of the steel book case doesn't feature any character, just some sort of explosion, but I was really hoping for Willem DaFoe's character.


The game's title Beyond: Two Souls  is displayed along the side of the steel book. All in all I'm pleased with the quality of the case and am really smitten with the artwork.

Inside the case all we have is the game's disc, and a Special Edition voucher card. A code for redeeming the Special Edition content was on the back of the card. (No you can't have it) 


Underneath the disc and voucher card, I was disappointed to not have a manual, but hey I can live with the gorgeous artwork. Besides, no manual means less paper, which means a smaller impact on the forests of the world.

A closer look at the Special Edition voucher

Special Edition Voucher includes the following downloadable content:

  • Advanced Experiments 
  • Beyond: Two Souls Dynamic PS3 Theme
  • Beyond: Two Souls PSN Avatar Pack

And The Making of Beyond: Two Souls Behind The Scenes Videos:

  • Music Videos 
  • Writing & Directing An Interactive Dream
  • Best of Behind the Scenes
  • Beyond's Story and Characters

As far as I can tell, the Advanced Experiments is a new 30 minute sequence exclusive to the limited edition, the soundtrack is a nice touch and I can't wait to check out the Behind the Scenes features.

I'll see you all in a few days after I've spent some time with the game, giving you my first impressions in yet another Quantic Dream experience.

Published Oct. 9th 2013


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