These 8 Ridiculous Fallout 4 Mods Will Have You Laughing in the Wasteland

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For anyone who has never played a Bethesda game on PC, I am sorry. Let's have a moment of silence for those poor lost souls...

While it's true that Xbox One and PS4 do have mods for Fallout 4 now, you can only have so many active at a time, and there are far fewer to choose from compared to the PC version. And trust me, there a lot to choose between. Nexus Mods, my personal go-to place for mods, currently has 18,418 mods available.

So to help you choose some of the weirdest mods out there, this list will be short on typical re-skins. Yes, the Buzz Lightyear skin above is funny. So are the Batman, Deadpool, Darth Vader and hundreds of other skins available. But for the sake of diversity, we'll have only two in that crowded genre listed. Read on for the rest!

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Developer: countmosh

Mirelurks. They're big, scary, ugly, and sometimes pretty dang tough. Except when they're little baby 'lurks. And where do these angry little tykes come from? You guessed it, Mirelurk eggs!

But rather than have those nasty old sacs covered in grime and all manner of gross fluids I hesitate to list, let's make them look delicious instead. With Easter just past, it seems only fitting that the Cadbury Egg mod make the list to brighten up your post-apocalyptic wasteland of never ending death and decay.

Decapodian Mirelurks

Developer: sheepandshepherd

So what happens when the baby 'lurks break free of those tasty chocolate eggs? Well they grow up to be terrifying monsters of course! Just like human babies!

But if you find yourself faced with Mirelurks who appear to be lacking in the scary department, then you need the Decapodian Mirelurks Mod!

With that installed, you can wade into the radioactive waters knowing that at any moment, you could find yourself face-to-face with the indescribable horror that is the Zoidlurk.


CombatCleavage - Enhanced Sideboob Edition

Developer: hotmike

Is it getting a little hot in here or is that just the radiation?

Ever found yourself gearing up in your finest armor, preparing for battle against hordes of Ghouls, gangs of Raiders, and tribes of Super Mutants, and thought to yourself: "This just isn't sexy enough?"

Of course you have!

Then allow me to introduce to you, the ultra-classy Sideboob Mod! Now you can gear up in your combat armor knowing that your extra cleavage will distract the enemy long enough for you to vaporize them. Smart thinking.

Throwing Weapons In Fallout 4

Developer: Agnonthewolf

So picture this: you walk into the den of an angry family of Deathclaws and have only a collection of rifles and shotguns to defend yourself with. Sounds boring, right?

Know what would make it way more fun? Chucking screwdrivers and forks at them instead!

Install the Throwing Weapons Mod and you can do just that. You can hurl cards like Gambit, knives like a ninja, hammers like old school Donkey Kong.

You can even sling bowler hats like Oddjob -- only this time it won't cost you your friends... remember GoldenEye?


Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It

Developer: Kentington

So after exhausting your supply of cards, forks, and hats, you defeat the Deathclaws and make your way back into town for some well-deserved R&R. But when you get there, who do you see but no other than Preston Garvey.

He opens his mouth, you hear the word "Settlement" and see only red.

That wasn't just because of your blind fury. It was also all the blood after you ripped the man's arm off and beat him to death with it! Which you can do with the aptly named Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It Mod.

Teddy Bear Nukes

Developer: jaredinsc

With Preston's blood all over your sexy armor, you find it pretty hard to blend in and disappear. And since the guards and Minutemen are after you for first-degree murder, your only way out is to fight.

So how do you do it?

By hitting them with the last thing they'd ever expect: Teddy Bear Nukes. Load up your Fat Man and wear some sunglasses because it's about to get a little bright outside.


Fox Gasmask and Outfit

Developer: rolrolrol11

Once the smoke clears and nothing remains of your defeated foes, you realize it's time to disappear.

But how do you do it?

Simple. You wear a disguise. Something bold and provocative, that makes people want to stay away from you so they don't figure out who you are. Presenting: the Furry mod. Now you're guaranteed to have absolutely no one come up and start talking to you.


Shaun is the Anti-Christ

Developer: PleaseDont

You sit at home with your husband, relaxing on the couch. Your new identity is perfect. You haven't even thought about your old life in a year. You hear something in the back room and your husband asks you to go check in on Shaun, your son.

But as you near the bedroom, a cold chill permeates the air. Sweat beads your brow and you feel the hairs on the back of your neck and arms standing on end. A demonic presence enters your mind, and you hear the screams of a thousand damned souls suffering for all eternity as your child cries.

You realize then and there, that Shaun is the Anti-Christ and leave, never once looking back.

Maybe being a wanted murderer hated by the entire Wasteland wasn't so bad after all.


With your bizarre adventures in the barren wastes of the End just beginning, take a look at these mods if you ever get tired of the same old apocalypse. Nexus Mods continues to grow and mod support is still expanding on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You're bound to find something you like.

And they're all guaranteed to brighten up your day like that big ol' warhead in the middle of Megaton.

Published May. 2nd 2017


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